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Telling Sutton's Stories

Join us in building a shared record of our memories and stories about Sutton Coldfield.

Here you can contribute your notes, photos, old documents and more about our town. We want to collaboratively build a layered map exploring the different associations, memories and experiences that affect how we identify with our Town. We’d love you to contribute what matters and is of interest to you.

Click the points on this map to see what people have recorded so far.

If you’d like to contribute, click Continue and then, at top left, Sign in.

If you’ve any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: Just email map@foliosuttoncoldfield.org.uk


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Map Digi Penfro

Exploring Pembrokeshire from many perspectives

Welcome to the Beta version of Map Digi Penfro, a digital mapping tool that allows you to record what you think is important about the places of Pembrokeshire. The map is a work in progress to which you are invited to contribute.

The points on this map record nature, poetry, science, art and history. They have been placed here by people young, old and in between who have contributed their knowledge, memories and ideas.

Move the map around, click the coloured points, and discover the places we've roamed.

You can add your own places to the map.

The map is a bilingual space where you will encounter entries written in Welsh and English and other languages too. You are invited to contribute in the language of your choice.

Here's a video about making the map.

Map Digi Penfro is a pilot project developed by Span Digidol tackling rural isolation and community well-being through innovative digital arts projects.

Map Digi Penfro

Archwilio Sir Benfro o sawl safbwynt.

Croeso i fersiwn Beta Map Digi Penfro, arf mapio digidol sy’n caniatáu i chi recordio beth rydych chi’n meddwl sydd yn bwysig am leoedd Sir Benfro. Gwaith ar y gweill yw’r map ac fe'ch gwahoddir i gyfrannu ato.

Mae’r pwyntiau ar y map hwn yn cofnodi natur, barddoniaeth, gwyddoniaeth, celf a hanes. Fe’u gosodwyd yma gan bobl ifanc, pobl hen a phobl o bob oedran rhyngddynt, sydd wedi cyfrannu eu gwybodaeth, eu hatgofion a’u syniadau.

Symudwch y map o gwmpas, cliciwch ar y pwyntiau lliw, a darganfyddwch y lleoedd rydyn ni wedi crwydro.

Gallwch hefyd ychwanegu’r lleoedd sy’n bwysig i chi i’r map.

Dyma fideo am wneud y map.

Datblygwyd Map Digi Penfro trwy Span Digidol prosiect peilot sy’n archwilio ffyrdd y gall y celfyddydau a thechnoleg ddigidol weithio ochr yn ochr i fynd i’r afael â materion megis lles cymunedol ac ynysiad gwledig.

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